We are Mousse. We support our clients and communities in which we work to create spaces that reflect their values and make sense for them.

We distinguish ourselves through an ecological, playful and sensitive approach careful of the social and natural environment of sites on which we are called upon to intervene.

We act in urban as well as regional environments, we create in different settings and various scales. We offer all landscape architecture services with the greatest attention to details, to make each project a unique piece, well designed and executed.

We believe in the presence of nature and that through its contact, community can grow and thrive.  It is for that reason that we dedicate our professional practice to introducing and preserving it wherever we can.

We love plants and all they give us: birds and insects, movement, color and light interplay.

We think that the best projects are born from a participative and inclusive process. We want to hear everyone’s point of view. Listening to build a vision and not impose is one of our principles. Creating a project that all can be proud of, in connection with culture, territory, plants, knowledge and local materials, is our goal

We traveled over the last 15 years throughout the Quebec territory searching for inspiring landscapes and encounters. We come back from this with images filling our head that then renew and feed our practice.